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$50 Off Upneeq

Package Includes 45 Single Use Vials
Each Vial Contains Enough Solution to Treat Both Eyes


Upneeq is a revolutionary solution for addressing droopy or sagging eyelids. Upneeq is a prescription eye drop designed to lift and open the upper eyelids, providing a rejuvenated and more alert appearance.

How Does Upneeq Work?

Upneeq contains a unique formulation that activates the Müller's muscle, responsible for lifting the upper eyelid. This targeted action results in a more awake and youthful look without the need for surgery or invasive procedures.

Benefits of Upneeq:

  • Non-invasive: No needles, no surgery. Simply apply the eye drops as directed.
  • Quick Results: Experience the lifting effect within 5 to 10 minutes after application.
  • Long-Lasting: Enjoy the benefits throughout the day with just one application.

Is Upneeq safe?

Upneeq is FDA-approved to be both safe and effective for the treatment of acquired eyelid ptosis in adults . The main ingredient in Upneeq, oxymetazoline hydrochloride, is also in decongestant nasal sprays, such as Afrin®. In nasal sprays, it works by stimulating the blood vessels to contract, which helps open up the nasal passage. In Upneeq, oxymetazoline hydrochloride stimulates eyelid muscle contraction, which lifts up lids.

Who is a Candidate for Upneeq?

Upneeq is ideal for people who have droopy or low-lying eyelids caused by mild, moderate, or severe eyelid ptosis. We recommend a complimentary consultation with one of our Expert Providers to determine if Upneeq is right for you.

How do I Apply Upneeq?

Apply Upneeq in two easy steps. Step 1: Cut open the foil wrapper and remove the single-use vial. Step 2: Apply one drop of Upneeq in each eye as directed, once a day. Vials should not be reused after opening and should be thrown away after usage.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Your eyelids will become noticeably more lifted in as little as 5 to 15 minutes after applying the eyedrops.

How Long Do The Results of Upneeq Last?

Clinical studies show that one dose of Upneeq is effective for at least 8 to 10 hours.

Can I use Upneeq if I have prescription contacts?

Yes, you can wear contact lenses while using Upneeq, but you should remove them before applying Upneeq eyedrops, then wait 15 minutes before putting your contact lenses back in.